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PROTOCOL  Architectural  Lighting control Systems & Dimmers


Simple, reliable, easy to install & inexpensive lighting control systems

The PROTOCOL architectural lighting control system ( dimming or switching )  is modular with distributed processing. The absence of a central processing unit (CPU) makes it  simple, reliable, inexpensive and suitable for most small to middle sized commercial and residential lighting control and energy management applications.


Wireless RS485 interfaces could be used to expand the systems to areas where there are no DATA cables.


The PROTOCOL Dimmer Modules adapt perfectly to all types of installations. The PROTOCOL Wall stations ( keypads) conveniently replace numerous and confusing banks of wall Dimmers and Switches. 


The Presets ( Scenes ) could be created from the wall stations and modified by the User  without the need of any PC or programming devices.


From 2 dimming Zones and up, the PROTOCOL presents  affordable dimming and lighting controls solutions.


The PROTOCOL presents a practical alternative for repairing and restoring older lighting control Systems.


 LED Lights PWM dimming Modules makes the PROTOCOL dimming & switching system an ideal solution for lighting control  systems powered by a DC voltage such as sailboats, RVs , Solar powered cabins, etc.


The PROTOCOL Dimmers can seamlessly interface to PCs and other Audio Visual A / V control devices via RAU-96 and could be voice activated by Infrared remote.


The PROTOCOL Dimmers and control stations are  user friendly, highly reliable and competitively priced.  

The PROTOCOL Dimmers are  UL listed .  Made in the USA


High quality Architectural lighting dimming systems at a lot lower cost  PRICING.


Protocol lighting control Brochure

Before you scrap an old dimming system or spend money trying to patch it up you should explore the possibility of upgrading it by retrofitting the existing cabinet with new parts  to get a fully featured digital lighting control system at a small fraction of the cost of a new one.

Why Choose PROTOCOL Architectural  Lighting control systems ?

Dimming Control system information

General Information and control system layout


 Architectural lighting control system Summary Of Features

A Basic System
smallest lighting control application.

Prosoft Configuration Software

Ballroom combiner Panels

Information for room combiners




Upgrade / Retrofit Older analog or digital Dimming Systems

Inexpensive solutions for repairing and upgrading older analog or digital dimming systems or replacing wall switches and dimmers.






Architectural Lighting control systems components

WISH4  self contained 4 dimmers and controls


Integrated 4 dimmer controls + 4 scenes and 4 dimmers outputs x 500 watts each; with Infra Red remote controllability in a standard 4 gang compatible enclosure.


Economically priced and Easy to install and operate as a stand alone or combined with PS or PD and other components of a PROTOCOl lighting control system .




PS Series  Control Stations


Elegant and flexible lighting control wall stations keypads for the PROTOCOL System.   could user configured to control individual zones of lights ( dimmers or switches ) as well as Creating, recording and recalling lighting scenes (Presets)


In addition we make room combiners for patching the controls of several partitioned rooms

( up to 12 rooms )




PD Series   Dimmers and Switches Packs  

U                             UL listed

Compact, easy to install dimmer and switch packs. 4000 Watts @ 120 V total load.

Come in 2 dimmers, 4 dimmers or 8 dimmers UL listed self contained surface mountable enclosures.

Available for ( 220VAC - 277 VAC ) , 24 VAC, 12 VAC operating voltages.

May be located in a central location or distributed throughout the installation... 

(compatible with power line dimmable ballasts , QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE , Mark 10 Powerline, etc... ) 


Our Dimmers are designed for controlling all TRIAC OR SCR dimmable loads.

( Leading edge dimming, Standard Phase control ) 


RAU-96  RS232  Interface


PROTOCOL interface to Computers and other control devices.

Used to program the PS stations keypads, does not have to remain in installation.

Allows seamless control of the dimmers from audio visual or other systems...

Provides powerful equipment diagnostic tools.


PROTOCOL interfaces  with DMX, 0-10V analog interface, Relays...


    DCO-4 relay outputs           DCI16 Dry contact inputs     Analog 0-10V outputs             DMX512 to PROTOCOL

LED lighting controllers & PWM dimmers for all applications where LED dimming is required

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