Digital Lighting Systems, Inc    

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US manufacturer of dimmers and lighting control systems ( established 1978 )

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Dimming & lighting control systems, Dimmers and switches


          DMX 512 lighting Sequencers, solid state chasers & Dimmers

PROTOCOL Simple & inexpensive Lighting control system 

starting from just 1 wall keypad and one dimmer pack ideal for small to middle sized applications.

Lighting controls & dimming Systems for homes, restaurants,  hotel Ball Rooms, schools, churches, etc...

Lighting solid state Chasers, Faders, sequencers, flashers, DMX512, PWM LED  Lights PWM Dimmers, RGB Dimmers, Lighting Controls & lighting Light  Controllers Las Vegas STYLE signs, Marquee signs, MarquisE chasers, stage Scenery, Color Fountains, etc.. Made in USA

 Triac, forward phase dimmers & lighting control systems    SPECIAL PRODUCTS: chasers, DMX  LED dimmers & controllers

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We manufacture  simple, economical  & GREEN retrofit solutions to repair  dimmers, upgrade, restore & rebuild older DIMMING SYSTEMS

            Easy to install & to use lighting control, dimming & animation solutions with very comprehenseive technical support, Manufactured in the USA 

Our quality lighting control products are backed by our extensive engineering expertise in lighting controls.

We manufacture reliable lighting controls and we provide a professional & comprehensive technical assistance from project design to execution.

We also specialize in PWM LED dimmers ( pulse width modulation to dim VDC lights ) ; experienced in LED lighting dimming & control products.

All our Lighting controllers and dimmers are manufactured  in the USA   by  Digital Lighting Systems, Inc.

12302 SW 128th ct , Miami, Florida, 33186  U.S.A.                Tel: 305-969-8442    Fax: 305-969-8675       

  For  LED dimming, consult with us so we could provide you with the proper LED dimmers for your applications.

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Since 1978, Digital lighting Systems, have been a reliable source for Lighting controllers, Dimmers & animation products  for controlling & dimming incandescent,
PWM LED lights dimmers,  neon, fluorescent & motorized loads.

(compatible with power line dimmable ballasts , QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE , Mark 10 Powerline, etc...)

Go green by using LED lights with our new LED lighting controllers & PWM LED  dimmers ( DC voltage ) for all applications where LED PWM dimming is required

Dimmers help reduce power consumption by adjusting the light levels to the actual needs.

The PROTOCOL lighting control system could be used for energy management and master control of general Lighting in small to large venues.

Also call us for lighting control  & dimmer repair and dimming systems refurbish upgrade.