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PROTOCOL Lighting Control Systems
Lighting Control Wall Stations Keypads    


PSF08  Base

 FPF02 Cover

The PSFxx keypad wall lighting control stations are the user's interface to the PROTOCOL dimming system. The PSFxx connect to the PROTOCOL DATA & Logic power Bus via 2 twisted pairs.  It has its own processor and memory and could be disconnected from the bus without affecting other devices.


The PSF Series lighting control Stations may be ordered pre programmed or could be easily programmed on-site using the PROSOFT configuration software & the RAU-96 interface.


One lighting control Station can be configured to have up to 16 different control buttons. Each control button could be configured to control from one load to 252.

The Configuration program could be also easily changed by replacing  the 8 PIN DIP EEPROM Memory chip on the back of the PSFxx control station.


The Protocol PSFxx Wall control Stations are low profile flush mount and have no visible mounting hardware. The number of buttons on each wall station could be easily modified after installation by removing or adding buttons.  see Buttons installation


PSF08 Base / FPF08 cover


PSF08  Base

 FPF04 Cover

The  buttons on the same station could be assigned in a combination of functions as switches, dimmers, presets ( scenes) to control individual or groups of Lighting circuits ( Zones). 

PSF08-IR Base / FPF08-IR cover

The Presets ( scenes) can be easily programmed on site from the PSFxx wall Station without the need of any additional devices                         Preset programming

All control Stations can be ordered with an optional Infrared Receiver and can be activated from any off the shelf Universal Infrared Remote control.

The sensitive IR receivers provide a range of over 100' .

(The IR Code used is the one for an "RCA brand DVD / VCR" )    


PSF08  Base

 FPF06 Cover


All single-gang Lighting control Stations have a PSF08 ( 8 switches ) base and can accept:

FPF02 ( face plate with 2 buttons) ; FPF04 ( face plate with 4 buttons)

FPF02 ( face plate with 6 buttons) ; FPF02 ( face plate with 8 buttons)


All double-gang keypad Stations have a PSF16 ( 16 switches ) base and can accept:

FPF12 ( face plate with 12 buttons) ; FPF16 ( face plate with 16 buttons)


Face Plates are available in:

  1. WHITE pre finished aluminum ( could be repainted by user with other colors)

  2. Stainless steel with a brushed finish


PSF16 Base / FPF16 cover


PSF08 back side

For easy visual identification, Buttons could be ordered in 8 colors:

Black,White,  Gray, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow.


All Wall stations keypad are shipped with a factory default configuration to control   dimmer module # 1 ( address 0,1 )


PSFxx Wall keypad lighting control Stations Specifications



PSF16 Base / FPF12 cover

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