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RAU-96   PROTOCOL Lighting Control Systems  

Remote Access Unit / Computer interface / Audio Visual  control  & Dimming Systems Integration 

The remote access unit (RAU-96) provides an interface between the PROTOCOL DATA BUS and a Serial RS232 or USB adapter or Ethernet adaptor COM Port of a Computer or an automation system such as CRESTRON, AMX, ELAN, PLC, etc. and other Lighting controls such as Lutron, Vantage, Litetouch, etc... that could send the ASCII strings commands set.


It is used by installers to configure the PSF wall keypad stations and to provide full system diagnostics and installation support.

Also it is used with the PROTOTIMER  software to Automate the Lighting Control from a Computer's Clock.   Analog Clock Clip Art


As an interface using ASCII COMMANDS, it will allow the systems' dimmers to be controlled directly from a PC, a touch-screen or from other control devices.  Connected to an Ethernet adapter it could be accessed through a local network or through the internet .


At a customer's request, Digital Lighting Systems will pre-configure the system prior to shipping. In this case there should be no need for the RAU-96 unless later modifications or interfacing to other control systems are required.


The Protocol Dimmers and Wall stations do not need the RAU-96 to operate.

Configuring or making changes to the lighting control system is fast and easy, using our simple and User friendly PROSOFT Protocol Software package.                                                                                          

RAU-96 - Specifcations .                                                                                                                        Price: $398.00


 PROSOFT Configuration Software.

(56MB) 32 Bits and 64 bits machines



For seamless integration and control from PCs, Audio visual or other control devices


PROSOFT software user manual

for use with old *.DAT files

OLD program SOFT-PRO

SOFT-PRO software user manual


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