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DCI04 , DCI16 & DCO-4     PROTOCOL lighting control system Dry contact Input and output interfaces

      DCI04 & DCI16 - Dry Contact Input Modules

  1. These interfaces allow an optically isolated connection of up to 4 Dry contact switches or relays ( DCI04 ) & 16 Dry contact switches or relays ( DCI16 ) to the PROTOCOL bus.

  2.  DCI04 is equivalent to a PSF08 ( switches 1,2,3 &4 ) and is addressed the same way.

  3. DCI16 is equivalent to a PSF16 button control station and is addressed the same way.

  4. A combination of a total of 99 DCIxx or PSFxx may be installed in any one system.

  5. The DCIxx are configured in the same manner as a PS Series stations and every contact closure  may be programmed as a scene preset or a zone control  like a station button.

Use any custom buttons to Switch or Dim the lights or interface to other equipment such as Alarms, Audio visual, movie projectors, etc... with dry contact outputs to trigger preset Lighting scenes.


DCI04 User manual

DCI16 User manual


      DCO-4 - Dry Contact Output Module

  1. This interface has four optically isolated dry contact relay outputs controlled from the PROTOCOL bus.

  2. It is the equivalent to a PDxxx 4 output module and is addressed the same way.

  3. A combination of a total of 63 addressed DCO-4's or PDxxx dimmers may be installed in any one system.

  4. The DCO-4 is configured in the same manner as a PDxxx dimmer pack  to switch up to 2 Amps loads directly or to trigger other devices.

Use to trigger other electronic devices such as Audio-Visual Systems, Alarms, HVAC, etc...


To view the specifications for the DCO-4, click the following link.



DCO-4 Specifications (PDF)

Interface PROTOCOL Control System Accessories

To interface Audio-Visual equipment, PC's, alarm systems, Cinema projectors and other control systems to the Protocol dimming system Digital Lighting Systems,Inc. offers a line of accessories for interfacing the Protocol to timers, audio, A/V, alarm systems and others.

Also using the PROTOTIMER software, the PROTOCOL dimming system could be controlled from a computer creating timed events using the computer's internal clock. Requires the RAU-96 interface.


The PROTOCOL system may be controlled from anywhere via the internet using the RAU-96 remote system interface and an Ethernet adapter ( by others ) . For more information on products and availability please contact the factory.

Another easy way to connect to Audio Visual equipment is through infrared.  The PROTOCOL uses an RCA VCR standard code to mimic the pushing of buttons on a wall station. All that is needed is to put the VCR code in your IR transmitter.

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