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Wiring Protocol Components

Protocol PS Series Control Stations and PD Series dimmers / switchers are interconnected using a simple 4-wire low-voltage network cable. The network cable carries information (data) to and from system components. It also provides power to the wall stations. The dimmers/switchers have their own integral transformers and use only two wires from the cable. DLS recommends using two twisted-pair #18 stranded cable. Also we recommend using shielded cable which allows for using the shield drain wire as a grounding wire in situations where grounded masonry boxes are not used. General Cable #C3362 or equivalent may be used. Click here for a wiring guide.

In larger systems, two or more cable runs may be necessary. In this instance, the cables runs are connected in parallel at a single location. Digital Lighting makes a special power and distribution box (DB44) which provides a convenient way to splice cables together and supply power to the stations. The Protocol system supports daisy-chain topology, star topology and combinations of both.

All other system components such as the PT Series patch panels, RAU-96 and other accessories connect to the same 4-wire bus. Expanding the system is as easy as hooking new components to the network cable at any convenient point.

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