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Digital Lighting Systems,Inc (DLS) was established in 1978 as a Research & Development engineering firm specializing in Lighting Control design (dimmers, lighting animation, energy controls, etc.) and manufacturing. Digital Lighting Systems has designed both parts of or complete Lighting controllers to be privately labeled for dozens of companies, mainly in the Lighting industry.


After becoming a leader for providing innovative, simple and affordable tools to lighting designers, architects and electrical engineers, Digital Lighting Systems began, in the year 2000, manufacturing and  marketing Lighting controllers and dimmers under its own name.


The DLS product line is highly diverse and DLS Lighting controllers provide an affordable quality for a wide variety of applications.

Besides our emphasis on manufacturing reliable and functional products, we offer assistance in all control projects from concept to installation.  We can supply system specifications and pricing with a block diagram within just a few hours, and most orders ship from stock or earlier than our promised delivery.  When technical support is needed, our customers can count on the help of our lighting controls consultant and some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the dimming and lighting control systems industry.


Our customers do receive, along with our modern products, our old fashioned, honest, professional and personalized assistance and service.


As US manufacturers of dimmers and lighting control systems we strongly believe that the "MADE IN USA"  label should remain a guarantee of products quality, durability & reliability.



      Elie Khawand / President

12302 SW 128th ct, Miami, FL 33126, United States of America    Tel: 305-969-8442;        Fax: 305-969-8675

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