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The PROTOCOL   Architectural lighting control and dimming System        made in the USA

The PROTOCOL  lighting control system is an architectural dimming system that is simple to specify and easy to use . It is designed for both commercial and residential lighting control applications and it fits perfectly in all types of installations. Utilizing compact wall stations,  numerous and unsightly wall switches and dimmers can be eliminated.

System Design
The design of a
PROTOCOL  system is extremely simple. It is done by counting the number of circuits and their wattages, and calculating the number of control locations required. With this information an equipment list can be drawn up and a quote can be generated.

Why choose PROTOCOL over other systems?
The PROTOCOL  system uses ‘distributed intelligence’ which means it does not have a central control unit. This makes it more economical for smaller applications and a lot more reliable and adaptable to different installations.

The PROTOCOL  system is  totally modular utilizing just two types of main units for regular operation, PS Series control stations and PD Series dimmers. The PS interconnect with just 4 low voltage wires ( Data Bus and LV power) the PD dimmers uses only two wires ( Data Bus) and may be installed in any configuration depending on the specifics of the project.

Lighting controls have never been simpler.

Only a few other lighting control systems are as easy to install as the PROTOCOL  .

No factory training is required; in fact, any qualified electrician can install it. First-time installers with no prior knowledge of the product can spend a few minutes reading the simple instructions and successfully commission the systems.

But aren’t dimming systems too expensive?
Not any more! DIGITAL LIGHTING SYSTEMS’ modular and mass produced dimmers and controls provide important cost savings over comparable systems on the market without sacrificing functionality or quality.

Where can the PROTOCOL be installed?
The PROTOCOL system is adequate in most lighting control applications. Whether the system is installed in a home, restaurant, hotel ballroom, art gallery, coffee shop, office, conference room, house of worship or any other private or public area, the end-user will find it simple to operate.

Individual lighting levels and preset scenes can be changed right from the wall station. Storing a preset scene is as easy as storing your favorite radio station on a car stereo, Buttons on different stations can be identically programmed allowing for unlimited multi-point control.

Interconnecting several systems could be achieved with a Wireless interface in situations where it is impossible to run a DATA cable.


Does my system need programming?
PROTOCOL systems could be ordered from the factory ready for use, or may be customized in the field by the installer, designer or end-user using a very simple Windows-driven software interface on any PC or laptop, even from anywhere in the world using a modem.

Any button can be configured to control any one circuit or group of circuits anywhere on the system. With several button function options and the ability to control single or multiple circuits with a single button, PROTOCOL  is proving to be the most simple, flexible and easy to program architectural dimming system on the market today.

Dimmer and Switch Modules
The PD Series dimmer and switch modules are contained in small, compact enclosures. A system could be as simple as one  PS control station keypad and one PD dimmer

PD Series dimmer and switch modules are conveniently daisy-chained to each other with a standard patch or cross CAT5 cable supplied with every module. Their size and the way that they are connected enables these modules to be either grouped together or spread out in an installation where this is more practical. Click here for more info on PD Series Dimmers and Switchers.

Retrofitting other dimming systems & replacing wall dimmers
Click here for more information on repairing and upgrading older dimming / switching systems to a new Digital lighting control System for a fraction of the cost of completely replacing the original equipment.

Contact the factory  for more information about the PROTOCOL lighting controls or any other of our quality US made dimming and switching products.

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