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DMX 512 Dimmers & Lighting controllers  

DMX 512 Dimmers, Switches and Lighting Controllers.   ( Triac & ELV Reverse Phase  )                          Made in the USA        

DMX 512 lighting Dimmers and Switch Packs ( DMX decoders )

DMX512 compatible controllers, dimmers, switch modules . PWM LED dimmers and low voltage VDC loads and line Voltage phase shift dimmers.

DMX DIMMERS & Switch Packs  

For 120 VAC, or other AC voltages       


DMX dimmer and switch  wall mountable Dimmer packs & dimmer modules.     


UL recognized and UL listed


DMX DIMMERS & Switch Packs 

VDC ( DC voltage ) & LED PWM Lighting dimmers


DMX 512 PWM LED dimmer / switch  modules 

and dimmer / switch   packs

  UL recognized and UL listed

REVERSE PHASE DIMMER PACK PD402-DMX-RP  ( ELV, Trailing Edge dimmers ) $395

DMX 512 Dimming, Switching & Animation lighting Controllers

DMX 512  lighting controllers designed for lighting animation and for dimming in architectural and display applications as well as signs and decorative lighting.


Coloursum     Lighting controller ( 3 dimmer zones, 8 scenes )


DMX 512  3 Channel 8 Scenes with RED, GREEN and BLUE dimmer , Color Mixer lighting controller. Controls DMX 512  enabled lighting fixtures or DMX dimmer or switch packs.


Price: $238.00 open frame  /  $298.00 with pre wired surface mount box.


DDL15     Lighting controller ( 1 dimmer Zone, 5 scenes )

DMX 512  1 Zone , 4 Channel dimmer with last level memory and 5 Level  Scenes  , Requires DMX 512 dimmer or switch packs.

Price: $213.00 open frame / $268.00 with pre wired surface mount box




OPTIMA-DS Series    Lighting controller ( Up to 8 zones cross fader , chaser )

DMX 512 Cross-fade & chase lighting controller. 3 to 8 channels of eye-catching patterns, rainbows of colors when used with multi-colored    fixtures. Requires DMX dimmer or switch packs.

Price: $298.00


COMPACT SERIES     Lighting controller

1 to 8 channel DMX Dimmer Controllers with up to 8 preset scenes. Require DMX dimmer or switch packs.

Price: $298.00


MATRIX      Lighting controller    

DMX 512 logic to control up to 256 channels.  Custom patterns  could be preprogrammed to create motion effects and  animation for  signs and displays.

Price: $298.00 




DMX 512 signal repeater / amplifier / Splitter 

1 universe  DMX 512 input signal optically isolated  DATA repeater & signal booster.


Price: $49.00 


a repeater amplifier that converts Common Positive dimmers to Common Negative dimmers for automotive applications.

For 12 VDC applications with Common Negative wiring.

Price: $44.00 




4 PWM dimmers repeater Amplifier

4 dimmers input to 4 dimmers outputs PWM

repeater amplifier for LED dimmers extensions.


Price: $59.00 


1 channel 10 A. PWM LED dimmer  repeater / amplifier / booster.  

Price: $38.00  

   DMX control wiring converters, connectors and accessories
We can custom make most types of DMX adapters and plug converters for usage in the lighting control industry

All equipment suitable for dimming and switching incandescent, low-voltage, LED,  neon, fluorescent lighting loads.

Digital Lighting Systems manufactures a complete line of DMX compatible dimmers for VAC and VDC dimming ( LED dimmers )

the PD408-DMX, a standard DMX512 compatible, four-circuit dimmer pack. PD-DMX SERIES dimmers are also available in 2 circuit (PD216-DMX) and 8 circuit (PD804-DMX) versions.

We also make the PD408-DMXC, a unique DMX-512 controllable four-circuit chaser pack. This latest innovation allows lighting producers to incorporate control of special effects and chasing lights into their shows, without the need for any additional tedious console programming normally required to create chase scenes.

The PD408-DMXC uses channel dimming information from the DMX stream to set its chase speed and to select internal pre-programmed chase patterns.

For Architectural Cross Fading Chasing and color mixing we designed the  Coloursum & OPTIMA DS, multi-circuit dimmer logics with 16 built-in cross-fade and chase programs.




DLS Competitively Priced lighting controllers are quality Made in The United States


  • Architectural and Decorative Lighting controllers.

  • Linear Lighting chasers.

  • LED dimmers, color mixers and chasers.

  • Incandescent and Neon Signs controllers.

  • Lighting animation for point of Sales Displays.

  • Retrofit old DMX dimmers

  • Exterior / Interior Casino Lighting controls.

  • Theme Parks Lighting and effects controls.

  • Amusement Parks lighting controls.

  • Pond and Fountain Lighting controls.

  • Exterior Accent Lighting auto dimming and animation.

  • Movie Theater Lobbies.

  • Marquee Lighting chasers sequencers.

  • Christmas Tree and Holiday Lighting controllers.

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