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OPTIMA   DMX-512  Cross-faders, Color Mixing chasers & Dimming  Lighting Controller.

The OPTIMA Series controllers 3- 8 channel Logic DMX512 lighting animation controllers.


THE OPTIMA-DS features two different modes of operation which can be selected from the front panel: a dynamic mode and a static mode.

In the dynamic mode, the OPTIMA-DS operates as a 16-pattern cross-fader/chaser with individual channel brightness control.

In the static mode, it operates as a simple 4 dimmer console with a master dimmer.

The dual mode of operation adds more functionality to lighting displays. satic levels may be created for special occasions while animated shows can be initiated by a simple push of a button. This added dimension makes the OPTIMA-DS suitable for a wide range of "lighting animation" applications.

The OPTIMA-DS is a standard DMX-512 lighting controller. The OPTIMA-DS can be used with Digital Lighting Systems DMX512 dimmers or with any existing DMX512 dimmers, making it a perfect and economical solution for retrofit applications.

Price : $298.00



( Could be ordered with ESTA RJ45 connector Pin out:1= + DATA;  2= - DATA )

THE OPTIMA-DS2: 3-8 Channel DMX512 lighting animation controller logic, Chaser / fader


The OPTIMA-DS2 offer all the options of the OPTIMA-DS but without the master and individual channel dimming functions. It is a more economical control solution than the full option DS model.

The OPTIMA DS2  Mounts on a single Gang electric box .

Ideal for signs , marquee and displays requiring animation or cross fading....

     Price : $258.00


( Could be ordered with ESTA RJ45 connector Pin out:1= + DATA;  2= - DATA )

Click here to see a Fast Color Fade Animation                   Click Here to see a Slow Color Fade Animation

OPTIMA Series - All models feature:

  • Economical 4-Channel Lighting Controller.

  • Selectable to control 3,4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 Channels.

  • 16 preprogrammed Light / Color Patterns.

  • Simple Push-Button Operation.

  • LED indicators and Output Monitors.

  • Automatic and Manual Pattern Selection.

  • Independently Adjustable Fade/Chase Rates.

  • Black-out and ALL ON Switches.

  • Standard DMX-512 Control Protocol.

  • 5-Pin XLR Output Connector.

  • Custom patterns available.

  • Cross-Fade and Chase Modes (FADE mode disabled on DS2-C).

  • Made in The United States.

  • Supplied with a 400 mA /12 VDC universal wall Power supply 100VAC to 260 VAC .

OPTIMA-DS also features:

  • Static 4-Circuit Dimmer Mode.

  • Individual Channel Brightness Control.

  • Master Brightness Control.

  • Compact Size: 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"

  • Master "Off-Level" Brightness Adjustment.



The OPTIMA Series are great lighting controllers that could be used in :
Architectural & Decorative Lighting controls,
Landscape Lighting controls, Pond and Fountain Lighting, Christmas Tree Lighting, Museums and Art Galleries, Entertainment and Club Lighting, Movie Theaters, Night Clubs, Bars, Discos, Theme Parks, Fair Rides, Electric Sign Animation, Point of Sale Displays and many, many more applications.


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