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             ADxxx  PWM LED Dimmer module with potentiometer or 0 -10 VDC control 

(PWM LED lighting Dimmers & other Direct Current Voltage devices)  For AC voltage dimmers click here

REPLACED WITH AD110 dimmer 10 Amps      CONVERT LED DRIVER TO DIMMABLE  0-10 V              Products search

Single channel PULSE WIDTH MODULATION ( PWM ) LED DIMMERS or DC motor speed control come in 3 models:

AD105 Wall dimmer mounts on a 1 gang box. Voltage range of 11VDC to 24 VDC@ 5 AMPS


AD105-A10  controllable from industry standard 0-10V controllers or by adding a 100 KOHM potentiometer. It is supplied as a Printed Circuit Board Module for OEMs and for integration in power supplies and RGB fixtures with a voltage range of 11VDC to 24 VDC.@ 5 AMPS

AD110-A10  same as AD105-A10 with higher output dimming capability of 10 AMPS.

PWM dimmers, DC voltage lighting dimmers, are designed for the growing usage of dimmers for LED lights. 

DMX512 Dimmers and Switches  for use with LED lights.



PD402-DMX 4 dimmers x 2.5 Amps @ 12 or 24 VDC

PD405-DMX 4 dimmers x 5 Amps @ 12 or 24 VDC ( 4 inputs)

MD402-DMX Open frame module for PD402-DMX

PP405-DMX  Open frame module for PD405-DMX

SP804-DMX  Open frame module  8 switches x 3.5 Amps

SP1604-DMX Open frame module 16 switches x 3.5 Amps

CD400-DMX 4 dimmers with total load of 5 Amps PCB

                 (compact size for OEM and integration in Fixtures)

  PWM  LED Dimmers ( constant Voltage dimmer ) Modules 5 Amps or 10 AMPS Max. ( Potentiometer controlled or  0 - 10 V DC controlled PWM dimmer for LED  & VDC loads )

AD105-A10 PWM LED dimmer

Standard 0-10 VDC CONTROL

operates with sinking or sourcing controllers.


Also could be used as stand alone with any 80-100 Kohm Potentiometer


11 VDC - 24 VDC @ 5 Amps load for Class2 applications. 

( call us for other voltage ranges)


PWM LED dimmer controllable by any  0-10 V wall dimmer or 0-10 V  controller, sinking or sourcing.

or from any 100 K OHM potentiometer.   

POSITIVE Common; Controls NEGATIVE side of power

Board dimensions: 2.80" x 1.60" x 0.60"


Compact PWM dimmer PCB could be installed inside existing fixtures or power supplies to master dim several lights from one  0-10V wall dimmer.

Compatible with all 0-10V wall dimmers and controllers

Control input Sinking Current : 0.6 MilliAmps.


List price:  AD105-A10 : $39.00  



PWM LED dimmer

Voltage range: 11VDC to 24 VDC 

Maximum Load : 5 Amps

Control : 0-10V   standard

Control input : 0.6 mAmp  

or control with 80-100 KOhm  potentiometer



PWM LED dimmer

Voltage range: 11VDC to 24 VDC 

Maximum Load : 10 Amps

Control : 0-10V  standard

Control input : 0.6 mAmp  

or control with 80-100 KOhm  potentiometer


AD105  PWM LED wall dimmer




11 - 24 VDC @ 5 Amps Max. load.

(call us for other voltage ranges)

PWM dimmer ( AD105-A10 ) with potentiometer control and ON/OFF preset switch.


Fits on a single gang electric box

Brushed stainless steel face plate

Dimmer Controls NEGATIVE side of DC voltage power 

List Price : $58.00


Wiring diagram for AD105

AD110-A10 PWM LED dimmer

Same as AD105-A10 with higher power output:  10 Amps    List price:  AD110-A10      $41.00

Optional potentiometer control:


PKW : 100 KOHM potentiometer with wires & Knob to use PWM LED dimmer individually as a stand alone.


List price: PKW  : $ 4.00


PKW   100K potentiometer

Wiring diagram AD105-A10 5 A. LED dimmer

Wiring diagram AD110-A10 10 A. LED dimmer

Go green use LED lights with LED dimmers to save energy and the environment.

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