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Why Choose the PROTOCOL lighting control system?

Learn the the mystery behind dimming systems.  

Why choose the PROTOCOL ?

Because it is reliable, simple and very reasonably priced ;  it is designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by a personalized technical support from design to turn ON.

  • the  Protocol Lighting control system has only two main components, the PS Series wall station modules and the PD Series dimmer  and switch modules. These two basic building blocks can be used in multiple locations to create dimming systems for controlling as few as 4 loads or as many as 1000 loads. No other components are required for the operation of the system. All system modules interconnect via a low-voltage, four-wire, power and communication bus.

  • The totally distributed processing and memory storage eliminate the need for a central processing unit (CPU/CCU) and provides the Protocol system  with three major benefits associated with distributed processing:

  • First, from a technical viewpoint, this eliminates catastrophic system wide shutdowns which may result from a malfunction of the CPU or CCU in other similar systems. The installation is easier and sort of plug and play with preprogrammed systems. Any electrician can install the PROTOCOL.

  • Second, with no additional cost for a CPU, the Protocol system is a sound choice for small and lower budget installations. The cost of a lighting control system, using the Protocol becomes truly proportional to the number of loads it is controlling.

  • Third, with only two kinds of main modules used by Protocol systems, maintenance can be performed quickly and inexpensively and does not require highly skilled service personnel.

Most importantly DIGITAL LIGHTING SYSTEMS PROTOCOL  cost is lower by up to  50 percent over comparable systems in the market. Just give us a try. (example of a basic system set up )

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Also, besides Architectural lighting control the PROTOCOL has found its usage in Museums, Interactive displays, Solar panel sun tracking, Industrial equipment control and other applications not directly related to lighting.



   Typical PROTOCOL lighting control system  installation

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