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We are committed to provide the right products along with the best support

Elie Khawand / President

Head of Engineering

You can call me or email me to discuss your lighting control applications.


With our broad line of lighting control products and my decades long experience in this industry you can rest assured that I will help you select the right products at the optimal cost for your applications.


Along with our technical team I try to give my personal attention to as many customers as physically possible.


My promise is that, when you talk to me or anyone else on Digital lighting's staff, you will never get empty sale pitches but you will receive pertinent answers to your questions and valuable suggestions about your lighting control needs.


We do business the old fashioned way and we stand behind our products and honor our commitments. This is why we have one of the highest rate of repeat business in the industry. 


Elie Khawand

 12302 Sw 128th ct, Miami , FL 33186, United States of America    Tel: 305-969-8442;  Fax: 305-969-8675


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