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Chaser  Lighting Controller, 1 chase pattern ( 1 ON , 3 OFF)  variable speed


User selectable 4, 3 or 2 Circuit ( 4, 3 or 2 Point )  Electronic Light Chaser & flasher     BROCHURE   Made in USA

The CHASER 4 is a user selectable 4, 3 or 2 points solid-state lighting chaser / Flasher, available in different models for driving 120, or 220 VAC loads. It is ideal for limited budget applications requiring simple Light chase sequences.


Standard Single Light Chase 1-On / 3-Off " sequencer.


The Speed Rate control is easily accessible from the front panel. The CHASER4 Lighting Chasers are very compact in size and can be directly installed on top of a standard 2-gang electric wall box. In contrast with electro mechanical flasher units, they are competitively priced and will provide years of trouble-free operation. The line-voltage models are capable of driving incandescent, flashable LED, cold-cathode, neon, and magnetic step-down transformers.


CHASER4 Light chasers could be used for Marquee signs, store signs, decorative displays, Neon or LED signs, etc.... 

or could be set to 2 channels and used as a simple ON/OFF flasher for 2 channel traffic warning , school zones or 1 light ON/OFF.

Replaces Mechanical sign flashers ( FMS, American lighting, etc...)

Main Features
  • Adjustable Chase Rate.
  • All solid-state top quality components.
  • Uses 25 Amps output Triacs ( load rated at 20% )
  • User selectable, 2,3 or 4 channel sequences.
  • Built in circuit protection to prevent Voltage DC components. Protects Neon and other primary switched  transformers.
  • Open frame Aluminum face plate
Output Ratings
  • Single-Lamp Chase (1-On/3-Off):  4 x 5 A. Outputs, 2400 Watts total @ 120 VAC operation.
  • Internal Fuse Protection.
  • Screw-terminal for Quick Installation.
Mechanical Specifications
  • Aluminum Plate  4.8" x 4.8" x 1.75".
  • Compatible With 2-Gang DEEP Wall Box .                    (Not Supplied )

Ordering and Pricing Information

  • CHASER4-120, 4 x 5 A. at 120 VAC.        $ 112.00
  • CHASER4-220, 4 x 5 A. at 220-240 VAC.   $ 125.00

Warranty:  TWO year limited factory warranty


Operating and Wiring Instructions       



Mounts on 2 Gang, 2" deep, Electric box

2 gang back Box not supplied with unit.


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