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DMX to 0-10Vconverter; 4 DMX512 channels to 0-10V Analog signal  dimmers & low level switches

DMX to 0-10V control signal converter 

Converts 4 DMX512 consecutive channels to 4 x  0-10V Analog control channels to dim 0-10V dimmable LED fixtures from a DMX control system or console.
Also provides Four 5VDC signals to switch power relays at adjustable low dimming levels for each outputs.

INPUT control : DMX 512 standard
OUTPUTS control: Sinking 4 channels min 0.6 VDC Max 10 VDC Analog control 30 mA maximum per channel ( 20 fixtures per channel )
and 4 x 5 VDC 10 mA relay swicth signal for controlling power relays with a 5VDC coils.

Power requirements: 12 to 18 VAC or 14 to 24 VDC Min 500 mAmps.  ( power supply not included )

Provided in a U shaped open frame enclosure    OD: 7.50" x 4.30" x 1.50"

1 or 2 DIGTAN4-DMX units could also be provided in enclosures with SL408 or SL804 solid state relay packs, ask for quote.


User manual DIGTAN4-DMX to 0-10V converter                             $ 225.00         MADE IN USA

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