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4 x 500 Watts dimmers 4 scenes Integrated Dimmers / switches & Controls                    Made in USA 

The Protocol WISH4 combines  4 x 500 watts dimmers with a PSF08-IR Control  station

One WISH4 can replace  4 regular wall dimmers or switches mounted on a 4 gang electric box. It adds the ability to create four different scenes of lighting and IR remote control.

The WISH4 comes preprogrammed for stand alone lighting control operation.

( factory program assignment )

The  first column of buttons are the individual dimmers for each of the four circuits and the second column of buttons are the SCENE buttons. Scenes may be memorized as often as required to record and recall dimming levels that are adequate for the different needed moods.

The WISH4 includes an Infrared Receiver and could be activated with any Universal Infrared Remote control. This allows the Wish4 to be controlled with existing Audio Visual  Infra Red remotes. ( use RCA , VCR code


It could be self standing or part of a PROTOCOL dimming system and programmed with the PROSOFT software.

-fits in a standard 4-gang electrical box and requires a single 20 amp breaker to feed the 4 outputs.

-requires no other components to operate. Wiring is done by inserting high voltage wiring into simple screw terminal connections.

-is ideal for retrofitting existing 4 gang wall dimmers or switches and for new installations for lighting controls in conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, Home AV rooms,.... 

The WISH4 can be controlled by other control systems and AV systems, through the RAU96 interface.

End user cost   $395.00



replaces 4 switches or dimmers  

4 dimmers with 4 scenes & infrared control ( use RCA brand VCR code )

WISH4 Manual            WISH4 Specifications       WISH4 Brochure  



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